Monday, September 8, 2008


I’m a collector. Of what, you say? Of several things. I love angels so I collect different statues of them plus a metal angel is in each car just for extra protection. Besides I need all the help I can get from up there. Another collection is my Santas. I have wooden ones, resin ones, metal ones, crazy looking ones, ceramic ones, and Texas ones. They only come out at Christmas so I just have a little time to enjoy them. Horses (not the real ones) and birdhouses are some more collections. They go into decorating my home. Then there are the baskets – mostly ones I’ve made. They can be very elaborate or simply something plain like picking strands of different materials Mother Nature leaves behind and weaving them into something unusual. I’ve even made necklaces of them using bark.

I think everyone has some kind of collection. My husband collects and plays guitars. His other obsession is golf. When we were living in Germany, we did a lot of traveling to different countries. Travel means collecting, right? While visiting Poland, we came upon this flea market. The men would carve from one piece of wood, life-like replicas of different professions. For $8 each I bought a baker and a musician. If I would have stayed there much longer, I would have had a larger collection.

I usually don’t get obsessed with my collections. I’m careful not to buy too many so that we have some place to live in our house. But one collection I do obsess about, and I can never have too many of, is beads. I like them all. There are seed beads that are made in Japan and the Czech Republic from size 2 (large) to size 22 (tiny). Charlottes, which are tiny beads that are cut in such a way, they sparkle when turned. There are Delicas or Tohos made in Japan that are cut so precisely that they fit perfectly together. More beads that bring sparkle and shine to my jewelry are drops, pearls, crystals, shells, triangular beads, cubes, gemstones, cabochons, lampwork beads, dichroic pendants and on and on. The colors, sizes, and shapes help create that one special bracelet or unique necklace. I started with a tube of beads and now have a roomful.

So you never know where your collection might lead you. Maybe after buying paintings, you will now start painting them yourself. You’re not finding the right marbles for your collection, so you start making your own but find glass blowing in the process. You might collect pieces of interesting wood, but now you are thinking of making toys or faces out of them. It’s funny how collections can turn into something else. But be careful, they all are addictive. I’m giving you fair warning.

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Kokopelli said...

I just "stumbled" over your blog. I love your jewelry. Great pieces! And I know exactly what you mean about collecting beads. My other obsession is collecting polar bears.
BTW, I am from Germany. I hope you liked it there. Where did you live?
Visit my blog, if you like and see some of my work: I'd appreciate that.
Happy beading!