Saturday, August 9, 2008


I sure had a lot of fun making this necklace. It's from a pattern by Laura McCabe from Just Let Me Bead. All my favorite beads, crystals, and pearls were used to make this striking necklace. The cabochon was beaded with size 11 and 15 seed beads then embellished with drops both on the front as well as the back. The rest of the necklace was done with a spiral rope and again embellished (heavily) with different size seed beads, pearls, leaves, flowers, and drops. It's finished with even more pearls and seed beads. All someone has to do is tie it around their neck and it's ready to go. Even though this took many hours to make, it was so much fun to do I didn't want to put it down or ever finish it. Now for my next new idea. To see more pictures of this necklace, go to my Flicker site

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


It took me some time but I finally have a blog and have joined the “Bloggers of the World”. So I’m thinking to myself, what’s next. Can I possibly make a blog that would interest other people? I’ll take a stab at it and start with something that I know how to do.

Women have been making jewelry since the beginning of time. Picture a cavewoman with her necklace of rocks of different sizes around her neck. (I know you are thinking of Wilma Flintstone.) I bet she was sure proud of it. Maybe she started a beading guild to teach other cavewomen how to make these necklaces. From there, her new group of friends made everything from earrings to toe rings. Fast forward to today and the variety of jewelry is colossal. Everyone has different tastes and styles. Do you make jewelry to please yourself or do you think about what someone else would like? I try to do a little of both.

Making jewelry is my passion. Using those tiny seed beads, gorgeous Swarovski crystals, cabochons, and all types of beads imaginable, I weave them into a piece of jewelry that someone would admire or want to show off to their friends. Maybe a boyfriend or husband is looking for just the right gift to give to his lady but isn’t exactly sure what to get but knows the colors she likes. When making a piece of jewelry, I like to find out what colors that person likes; how big should it be; bold or soft-looking, necklace or bracelet, and silver or gold. When I get these questions answered, I can hopefully make a necklace or bracelet that person would take one look at and say, WOW, that’s exactly what I wanted.

I will continue to make jewelry and hopefully someone will like it enough to buy it. My type of jewelry can take 40 or more hours to make. I love putting each bead on that piece because I know the outcome will be a piece of jewelry that stands out in a crowd. I’m not sure if I’ve found my style yet but I’ll keep trying. When I’ve finally find it, I’ll know for sure. What’s your jewelry style?