Sunday, December 28, 2008


This will be my last blog entry for this year. The year has gone by so fast. I’m sure everyone is making their New Year’s resolutions. Mine is to not make any. That way I can’t break them.

I would like to do some new things in the coming year. I need to be more creative, have more patience and make more jewelry to sell in my Etsy store. Trying to put one new thing in my store every day is hard to do because of the amount of time it takes to make a necklace or bracelet. I’ll keep working on that though. I just need to learn how to bead faster and also stay off the computer. Maybe make more earrings. Wow these are sounding like resolutions. I’m also looking into other ventures to start a second and third shop. I’ll keep you posted when I do.

So what are you resolutions for the coming year?

Also check out the eSMArts Team Shop for some great items. I’m sure find something there for your last purchase of the year.

I will be out of pocket for a couple of weeks starting tomorrow just in case you are wondering where I am. No blogging or putting new items in my store for a little while.

Here’s wishing all of you a healthy and prosperous New Year. May all your wishes and dreams come true. See you next year.

Sunday, December 21, 2008


My eSMArts friend, Jill Milan of Jewelry Elegance, honored me with the Kreativ Blogger Award. Thank you, Jill. I truly appreciate it.

Here are the rules for passing the award on:

1. The winner may put this award on their blog.
2. Please put a link to the person that presented you for this award.
3. Nominate 5 blogs.
4. Put links to all their blogs.
5. Leave a message for your nominees.

It's an honor to pass the Kreativ Blogger award to the following artists:

Anna Lee Husband of SassyDLite
Teri Baskett of S & T Creations
Tina Cowan of M5 Creative Corners
Lois Linquist of A Beaded Affair
Jamie Elliott of Creations by Jamie
Diane Geisel of MyGemStoneBox

Saturday, December 13, 2008


Christmas is getting closer and I know there are procrastinators out there. You can’t just wait until Christmas Eve and go shopping on the internet and hope that SANTA delivers it by Christmas Day. Unless there is really a Santa that comes down that chimney and knows exactly whether you have been bad or good and of course, what everyone wants. Right?

Most people stress out during the holidays wondering what to get each other. That’s where Etsy comes in. Men this is a great place for you to select gifts too. Wonderful handmade gifts come in all shapes and sizes, and your choices are unbelievable. Get a hot cup of cocoa, coffee or soft drink and take a spin around some of the eSMARTs stores. (I’m a member so don’t forget me.) All you have to do so is go to and go to the search button at the top. At the left, click on handmade items, tags, titles and descriptions. Then at the right, type in esmartsteam. That will take you to the handmade items of our group. There are lots and lots of choices there. But don’t wait too long or Santa might not be able to find you on Christmas Eve.

Oh, and don’t forget to go to our team shop, for more items. It helps someone in need at the same time.

Sunday, December 7, 2008


I recently put some new earrings on my Etsy site If you like dangles or drops, then check out all the earrings. I just have a few here. The Christmas tree earrings come in red or green plus an added touch of tiny gems sparkle on the red earrings.

For New Year's Eve, I thought aquamarine or amethyst crystal earrings would look great with that special outfit. I think you will certainly turn a few heads wearing these.

I also included some other drop earrings in gold or sterling silver combined with colored metal dangles. You can find a dragonfly sitting upon a garden leaf and the background is a chocolate metal dangle. For the patriotic or military person, I have the heart flag on top of red and blue metal dangles. I also just sold a pair of earrings with the State of Texas on top and denium blue and dark chocolate dangles on the bottom.

I didn't forget the dog lovers out there. Check out the dog lover's earrings. One earring says I Love Dogs and the other one has a Dawg bowl and bone. I don't think anyone will have these earrings except you. By the way, I have a dog lover's bracelet waiting for a good home.

I really enjoyed making all of these earrings and will be putting some more up in my store in the near future. So check out my shop because there might be something there just for you. Or you can always leave a little hint to Santa.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


My teal and soft blue lariat was chosen as This Week's Showcase at Beader's Showcase. You can see it here too Three artists are chosen each week. It certainly is an honor. Even though I've only been there are short time, Beader's Showcase is a great place for beaders to show off their work and meet some great people.


I'm part of a great group called the eSMArts Team. Recently we opened the eSMArts Team Shop which is created to Pay It Forward in helping others in need. Members voluntarily donate an item or more, in some cases, to the store.

There is something for everyone!!

You will find children's clothing, jewelry, quilts, oil paintings and prints, and supplies such as copper wire and findings at super prices. They are all handmade by artists that really care about their work. Some of the artists are even including free or minimum shipping.

Take a look around at and start your holiday shopping. It sure beats all those crowded malls and you will be getting one of a kind items.

Happy Holidays!!!!

Monday, November 24, 2008


Thanksgiving is just a few days away. People will be flying or driving home to see their families and friends. There will be big meals with all the trimmings and lots of talking and laughing at the table.

Each one of us has something to be thankful for. Even sometimes when everything seems to be going wrong in your life, you can still be thankful for waking up every day and looking out the window to see all the little things we take for granted. Or your little dog or cat that keeps you company as you sit alone watching tv.

Please don't forget to be thankful for all the men and women in the service who keep our beautiful country free. My husband missed many Thanksgivings and holidays to do just that - let us live each day in a free and independent country where anything is possible. Even when you have people around you, it can be a very lonely time as you think of your family back home. We forget there is a war going on. We also forget about the wounded or those who gave their life for freedom (the ultimate sacrifice) and the war veterans of past wars. They are all heros in my eyes. Today would be a good day to remember them.

So hug somebody on Thanksgiving and whisper a little thank you in their ear - just because. I know that's what I will do for my husband on this special day where it's just the two of us.

And I wish all of you, wherever you may be, a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving.

Monday, October 27, 2008


I was really surprised when Janet Lilly featured my cube bracelet in her Treasury, A Night on the Town. Everyone's work was fantastic and I'm glad I was part of it. Thanks, Janet.

Monday, October 20, 2008


I love to do bead embroidery. Bead embroidery is sewing beads onto fabric sort of like bead appliqué. You can stitch anything on fabric as long as the beads or thread holds it to the fabric. The supplies consist of thread, seed beads, cabochons, or beads of your choice, needles, ruler, scissors, glue, bead scoop, marker, toothpick for spreading glue and a bead board. Depending on how you finish your work, you might also need a crimper, needlenose pliers and wire cutters. Most of these supplies you already have around the house. You will also need a foundation to bead on like Lacy’s Stiff Stuff or Easy Felt that you can buy at your craft store. These foundations are stiff enough to bead on. You will also need ultrasuede to finish the back of the project.

So after accumulating all your supplies, you’re ready to bead. The sky is the limit on how to do bead embroidery and what your imagination can come up with. To learn more about bead embroidery, you can see the beautiful necklaces and bracelets by these two artists, Sherry Serafini ( and Heidi Kummli’s ( .

Together they wrote a fantastic bead book called “The Art of Bead Embroidery.” It shows detailed pictures of how to do each project, and there are 11 of them in the book. If you like this type of beadwork, you’ll be hooked immediately. Also Google “bead embroidery” to find out more about it and look at some great eye candy. You’ll also find other great books on this subject.

I will be taking 2 classes from Sherry Serafini in November. One’s a necklace and the other one she is teaching is a bracelet. I’ve tried to get into her classes for at least 4 years but the classes were either too far away or something came up. But this time, I made sure I could attend her classes. After taking her classes, I’ll let you know all the details.

Saturday, October 11, 2008


I was very lucky to be picked by World Artisan Gems to do an interview. They have many talented artists there. Their different specialties are in beadwork, wire, glass art and jewelry art. If you would like to read my interview, just follow this link:

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Anna Lee Husband, owner of eSMArts Team on Etsy, did a consultation with me about my jewelry that is featured on my etsy site. I felt very honored because Anne Lee goes to great lengths to share with other artisians in the group ways of promoting and advertising their work. As a group, we promote each other. You can find Anna Lee's gorgeous work at and

Have a look at the article and fantastic collage of pictures Anna Lee did at It's called BlueBonnet Jewelry Design by Yvonne.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Swarovski crystals are in so much of my jewelry. I just can't get enough of them. This lariat made with teal and soft blue crystals is another example of how something so simple comes to life with all its sparkling crystals and bronze seed beads. This is one of my favorites, and I'll be doing more with those wonderful crystals in the future. You can find my lariat at my etsy shop

While living in Europe, my husband and I got the chance to go to Austria and see Swarovski crystals and all that they made. They had such a variety of pieces, such as animals, jewelry that took your breath away, figurines, vases, the famous Swan, the largest crystal and much more. It was truly a memorable experience.

Monday, September 15, 2008


My black cube bracelet is featured in the Etsy Treasury of Black, White and Red All Over done by Debbie of Lots of talent by the eSMArts Team is featured in this Treasury and everyone did a great job.

Monday, September 8, 2008


I’m a collector. Of what, you say? Of several things. I love angels so I collect different statues of them plus a metal angel is in each car just for extra protection. Besides I need all the help I can get from up there. Another collection is my Santas. I have wooden ones, resin ones, metal ones, crazy looking ones, ceramic ones, and Texas ones. They only come out at Christmas so I just have a little time to enjoy them. Horses (not the real ones) and birdhouses are some more collections. They go into decorating my home. Then there are the baskets – mostly ones I’ve made. They can be very elaborate or simply something plain like picking strands of different materials Mother Nature leaves behind and weaving them into something unusual. I’ve even made necklaces of them using bark.

I think everyone has some kind of collection. My husband collects and plays guitars. His other obsession is golf. When we were living in Germany, we did a lot of traveling to different countries. Travel means collecting, right? While visiting Poland, we came upon this flea market. The men would carve from one piece of wood, life-like replicas of different professions. For $8 each I bought a baker and a musician. If I would have stayed there much longer, I would have had a larger collection.

I usually don’t get obsessed with my collections. I’m careful not to buy too many so that we have some place to live in our house. But one collection I do obsess about, and I can never have too many of, is beads. I like them all. There are seed beads that are made in Japan and the Czech Republic from size 2 (large) to size 22 (tiny). Charlottes, which are tiny beads that are cut in such a way, they sparkle when turned. There are Delicas or Tohos made in Japan that are cut so precisely that they fit perfectly together. More beads that bring sparkle and shine to my jewelry are drops, pearls, crystals, shells, triangular beads, cubes, gemstones, cabochons, lampwork beads, dichroic pendants and on and on. The colors, sizes, and shapes help create that one special bracelet or unique necklace. I started with a tube of beads and now have a roomful.

So you never know where your collection might lead you. Maybe after buying paintings, you will now start painting them yourself. You’re not finding the right marbles for your collection, so you start making your own but find glass blowing in the process. You might collect pieces of interesting wood, but now you are thinking of making toys or faces out of them. It’s funny how collections can turn into something else. But be careful, they all are addictive. I’m giving you fair warning.

Saturday, August 9, 2008


I sure had a lot of fun making this necklace. It's from a pattern by Laura McCabe from Just Let Me Bead. All my favorite beads, crystals, and pearls were used to make this striking necklace. The cabochon was beaded with size 11 and 15 seed beads then embellished with drops both on the front as well as the back. The rest of the necklace was done with a spiral rope and again embellished (heavily) with different size seed beads, pearls, leaves, flowers, and drops. It's finished with even more pearls and seed beads. All someone has to do is tie it around their neck and it's ready to go. Even though this took many hours to make, it was so much fun to do I didn't want to put it down or ever finish it. Now for my next new idea. To see more pictures of this necklace, go to my Flicker site

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


It took me some time but I finally have a blog and have joined the “Bloggers of the World”. So I’m thinking to myself, what’s next. Can I possibly make a blog that would interest other people? I’ll take a stab at it and start with something that I know how to do.

Women have been making jewelry since the beginning of time. Picture a cavewoman with her necklace of rocks of different sizes around her neck. (I know you are thinking of Wilma Flintstone.) I bet she was sure proud of it. Maybe she started a beading guild to teach other cavewomen how to make these necklaces. From there, her new group of friends made everything from earrings to toe rings. Fast forward to today and the variety of jewelry is colossal. Everyone has different tastes and styles. Do you make jewelry to please yourself or do you think about what someone else would like? I try to do a little of both.

Making jewelry is my passion. Using those tiny seed beads, gorgeous Swarovski crystals, cabochons, and all types of beads imaginable, I weave them into a piece of jewelry that someone would admire or want to show off to their friends. Maybe a boyfriend or husband is looking for just the right gift to give to his lady but isn’t exactly sure what to get but knows the colors she likes. When making a piece of jewelry, I like to find out what colors that person likes; how big should it be; bold or soft-looking, necklace or bracelet, and silver or gold. When I get these questions answered, I can hopefully make a necklace or bracelet that person would take one look at and say, WOW, that’s exactly what I wanted.

I will continue to make jewelry and hopefully someone will like it enough to buy it. My type of jewelry can take 40 or more hours to make. I love putting each bead on that piece because I know the outcome will be a piece of jewelry that stands out in a crowd. I’m not sure if I’ve found my style yet but I’ll keep trying. When I’ve finally find it, I’ll know for sure. What’s your jewelry style?